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It’s Okay to be Still: Allison McGuigan

“Ever since I was asked for this interview about how yoga played a role in my life, I’ve been pondering that question. I think yoga is evolutionary for me, in the sense that the role it plays is constantly changing. At this point in my life as a new mom, it’s playing a different role than it ever has before because I’m so focused on trying to be present. Watching my daughter grow so quickly has reminded me how important it is to be in the moment with whatever you’re doing. That’s what my practice is: using all of the tools that I’ve learned over the years, and that I teach, and trying to remember it myself throughout my daily life as it comes and goes. Yoga helps me through all of these changes, helps me feel more patient, more calm and more grateful.

Mindfulness is a constant practice. In today’s world and as a mom to a toddler, multitasking is often a necessary part of my day. But, I try to do it with as much presence as possible. When my daughter was a baby, I often found that I was the most present while nursing her in the quiet stillness in the middle of the night when it felt like the whole world was silent. Now quiet stillness can be harder to come by, but as we play together I often remind myself that being present with my daughter is such an important thing that I can offer and share with her.

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The information contained has been sourced directly from: It’s Okay to be Still: Allison McGuigan – The Self Stories

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