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Reiki, Energy Healing and Angels. A Life of Pain Reveals her Life Purpose: Alison Pulito

CHARLOTTE, NC YOGA. | SEPTEMBER 3, 2019 | The Self Stories

From a really young age, I had a hip problem; a problem I didn’t know I had until I fell and was badly hurt while skiing. I was 24 years old and it was only then that I found out I had congenital dysplasia, which means your hips are “open”, so they’re easily dislocated -they normally check for it and correct it when you’re born, but they didn’t find mine.

The injury caused sudden loss of cartilage in my hip- at 24 years old. If you’re older and this happens, they normally do a hip replacement, but I was too young because hip replacements don’t last long. So they reconstructed my entire thigh bone so that the hip would be shifted, and the piece of cartilage that was left from the initial injury would become the surface of the joint. I went through 18 months of rehab just to be able to walk normally.

Fast forward 16 years, I was 40, had two young active children, and my hip started failing again. I couldn’t play with my kids in the yard, I couldn’t get them from the bus stop. I was in debilitating pain. So, at that point I decided to have a hip replacement, even though I was still quite young to have the operation.

The timing of my hip replacement was right at the time my mother-in-law was diagnosed with lung cancer. She lived in Connecticut and we lived in North Carolina, so I was really afraid to have the surgery because I wanted to be able to travel and be with her for support. She encouraged me to go ahead with the surgery, and after having the replacement, I recovered quickly because I desperately wanted to see her. Five months after surgery I was doing fine, but she passed away. Our family traveled to Connecticut for her funeral and the very night we came home, I walked in the door, put my suitcase on the floor, and sat down to see the dog, when something popped in my hip. I couldn’t stand; I could barely move. I lived like that for almost two years, walking with crutches, traveling all over the country seeing doctors to find out what was wrong. Eventually, I found out that the hip implant was defective and recalled by the FDA. Most doctors didn’t want to tell me because there would be a lawsuit. A doctor in New York discovered the metal implant had ruptured my iliopsoas tendon. The illiopsoas tendon controls the hinge from knee to hip and which also is how the energy of our emotions travel through the nervous system.

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