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The Seeker: NoDa Yoga Struggles To Pivot in Pandemic

A discussion with owners | September, 9 2020

You may have heard by now that multiple yoga studios have permanently shuttered in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic; a conspicuous void that will be no doubt felt by the community once we return to “normal’.

Amidst the unknown future we collectively share, NoDa Yoga has launched a crowdfunding campaign seeking the city’s support to prevent becoming yet another statistic among local, small-business closures. Many yoga studios and similar businesses have struggled to find an effective pivot over the last six months.

Co-owners Jillian Longsworth and Craig Rasmussen launched a GoFundMe campaign on August 7, about a month before yoga studios were allowed to reopen at 30% capacity as part of Phase 2.5 of the state’s plan to reopen. The two were kind enough to describe their current state of affairs over a mid-morning Zoom call.

NoDa Yoga is a boutique yoga studio located above Cabo Fish Taco in the crux of the NoDa neighborhood. Part of what makes the space so exceptional is the various styles of yoga offered, and the trauma-informed approach the majority of teachers take during class.

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