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We are not just a yoga studio. Here are {only a few} things we give a sh*t about:

Abortion Rights • Inclusiveness • Climate Change • Feminism • Gun Reform • Black Lives Matter • Same-Sex Marriage • Livable Wages • Voting Rights

NoDa Yoga is PRO-CHOICE. 


NoDa Yoga is for all folks who want more “choices” from their yoga practice.


NoDa Yoga is proudly recognized as a brave space in our community and we will continue to fight inside and outside the studio, so all humans have the right to determine the course of their lives, including the right to an abortion.


We welcome all LGBTQ+, BIPOC, Differently-Abled, and Non Traditionally Structured Families. If this offends you, we are not the right yoga studio for you.


We will no longer reach across our yoga mats to anyone who doesn’t believe in our HUMANITY, in the HUMANITY of those we love.