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NoDa Yoga offers some of the area's most respected and successful yoga teacher training programs. Our trainings include both a foundation training (200-hour) and a professional advanced training (300-hour) and are led by teachers all who have been teaching successfully for 10+ years.

200 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

Our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training programs emphasize yoga as a lifestyle and a means to living a more joyful life. While our training emphasizes Vinyasa yoga, many approaches will be explored and is absolutely appropriate both for those interested in teaching yoga, as well as those who may not desire to teach, but simply want to immerse themselves in all things yoga.


Our Training exceeds Yoga Alliance standards as a 200-Hour Registered Yoga School and upon successful completion of our program, you will be fully qualified to apply with Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher at the 200 Hour level.

A 200 Hour Teacher Training may be for you if…

  • You have a deep longing to share the benefits of yoga with others

  • You are ready to take your own yoga practice to a deeper level

  • You crave the guidance, attention, and genuine care of skilled, compassionate mentors whose mission it is to support you in developing confidence + authenticity in your teaching

  • You want to explore what it means to live your most Beautiful Life through Yoga

If any of this resonates with you, then this invitation is for you. NoDa Yoga now has two options to achieve your 200 hr certification: Bella Vita Teacher Training and Elemental Moon Teacher Training.


Learn more about Bella Vita 200hr program

Learn more about Elemental Moon 200hr program

300 Hour Advanced Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training

After graduating from Bella Vita’s 200-hour Program (or another approved 200-hour Training) you may move on to our 300-hour Training.

Based on the belief that each person desires harmony and health and has the inner guidance to move forward on that path, this program offers a yoga education that fosters physical and mental safety, inspires inner exploration and growth, and is founded on the idea that community support lifts up all people. In summary, the program provides grounded and well-rounded information on:

  • Understanding common physical imbalances and dysfunctions from both a western model and a Yoga model

  • Evaluating a client for musculoskeletal imbalances and applying yoga techniques as appropriate and developing a plan that supports the client's needs and goals

  • Integrating yoga asana, pranayama and meditation as a way to work with various musculoskeletal conditions

  • Understanding the effects of chronic pain and certain psychological conditions on the nervous system and applying yoga techniques for optimal well-being and peace of mind

  • Using pranayama and meditation as a way to address nervous system imbalances

If any of this resonates with you, then this invitation is for you. Learn more about our 300 Hour program.


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