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NoDa Yoga offers multiple styles of yoga for all levels of experience. We specialize in gentle, restorative, vinyasa and yin yoga with a focus on functional anatomy. In our continued efforts to offer personalized instruction, NoDa Yoga maintains small class sizes and encourages the use of props. Led by instructors with advanced training and certifications, classes are intended to encourage student exploration over what the poses “should look like,” using yoga as a way to connect on a deeper level with mind, body, and breath.



"NoDa Yoga is committed to representing all communities within our city and beyond and is dedicated to making yoga accessible and equitable. We welcome you and accommodate folx on a needs-based inquiry."


NoDa Yoga Has Moved to Oakhurst

We are now open!

It is an accessible yoga space in Oakhurst, featuring two yoga studios and an expanded retail area. The new space is more accessible for our diverse clients who attend our center.



"An amazing studio. Great attention from instructors. They remember your name, your practice, and truly love to help! They offer so much at this studio - the space and the neighborhood are awesome!" - RIN

"NoDa Yoga is a breath of fresh air - a small yoga studio that feels like home. I have limited yoga experience, but never feel out of place here. I love the variety of music and moods that the instructors use and love the opportunity to center, laugh, get support, and practice." - KELLY

"Taking class at Noda Yoga is the highlight of my week. Ditch the ego before arriving--all the instructors are incredibly warm, caring and knowledgeable. The studio goes above and beyond just being a "yoga studio" by bringing in guest teachers and offering workshops to really get you to work on your practice. One of the best parts is that the classes are priced reasonably. LOVE THIS PLACE! " - DAVID

"Taking class at NODA Yoga is the best part of my day. The studio is more than just a "yoga studio" it is part of a community. All the instructors are friendly, caring, inspiring, and knowledgeable." - JIMMY

"I took my first yoga class ever at Noda Yoga about 3 years ago. Maria guided me through the amazingly informative yoga basics class as I learned the postures. As I felt more comfortable with the language, I began to test out other teachers and classes. EVERY teacher at Noda Yoga is amazing! And I love knowing that depending on my mood I can pick the teacher that will provide what I need. " - SUSAN



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